This is our fifth episode! in it we cover:

  • Interview with Michael Snoyman Lead developer of the Yesod Web Framework.

  • In what we did section we cover:

Yardena explored rabbitmq channel security and Scala online course.

Ronen worked on gelfino and storm integration, he also explored Seriesly and ported its Cubism horizion graphs example into Clojurescript in Seriously.

  • In the news we covered:

Phil Bagwell passing, RIP.

New Scala projects slick, subcut and a Google guice alternative for Android dagger.

Dart has entered the top 50 in TIOBE index.

Newspeak is still alive and running had a relase in september.

Java 8 borrows a lot from Scala.

We will be speaking in Oracle week, Yardena's Scala seminar and Ronen's Clojure seminar.

Codeq datastore for Clojure code based on git repository import, its based on Datomic which runs also on Dynamo DB

JDK 8 will add OpenCL integration built in, there are a couple existing projects like rootbeer1.

Prismatic has created Graph its not open source, Flow is a similar open source implementation.

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