Lambdapod introduction


This is our first episode! in it we cover:

  • Introduction and why Lambda pod has a right to exist.

  • Whats kept us busy: Yardena talked about her first Groovy experience and using Easyb, Ronen mentioned Gelfino and the s-exp to l-exp compiler.

  • Interview with Iulian Dragos of Typesafe about Scala, it IDE support and the community in general.

  • Our impressions of the Edge Java conference, meeting Tim Berglund and Ronen's work on Liquibase Dsl and Gradle plugin, Yardena impression of time travel debugger and meeting Iulian.

  • datomic is out, uses datalog as query language, has a unique approach to data persistency and caching.

  • Scala macros controversy and Odersky‚Äôs response

  • Golang first version out, the next sayeret talk will be on Golang, Dart will follow.

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